Date Icon Sep 5, 2014 Category Icon in Case Study

AOG Service offered by Future Metals

Aircraft MRO service providers work in a high demand, fast paced environment. They often find themselves in AOG situations searching around the clock for materials. Future Metals recognized this need and created a service to fill it.

A customer in Spain had and AOG raw material requirement after normal working hours on a Friday when the Future Metals’ European division was already closed for a long holiday weekend.  The customer remembered being told about Future Metals’ new AOG email address; and promptly sent an email describing their need. The email was routed to an AOG specialist at Future Metals who was eager and waiting to help them. The request was quoted; order submitted, processed and shipped within four hours because of the AOG service that Future Metals offers.

Future Metals has now gone one step further to help their customers by offering an AOG phone number as well. 844 AOG-DESKor 844-264-3375. The numbers and email address are monitored 24 hours a day/ 5 days a week.