Additional Products

Future Metals is your source for hard to find materials, such as plastic seat track covers, safety wire, welding rod, wire rope/aircraft cable, and laminated shim stock.

Plastic Seat Track Covers

BAC1522-179-556 ACIFL00125-*
BAC1522-332-4722 ACIFL00135-*
BAC1522-361-896 ACIFL00165-*
BAC1522-412 ACIFL00169-*
BAC1522-427 ACIFL00183-*
BAC1522-543-4722 ACIFL00223-*
BAC1522-702-7363 ACIFL00327-*
BAC1522-746-70913 ACIFL00347-*
BAC1522-989 ACIFL00567-*
BAC1522-148 ACIFL00569-*
BAC1522-296-706 ACIFL00577-*
BAC1522-361-7800 ACIFL00589-*
BAC1522-380-556 ACIFL00601-*
BAC1522-380-70198 ACIFL02555-*
BAC1522-388-7409 ACIFL02975-*
BAC1522-395-706 ACIFL04699-*
BAC1522-411-7800 ACIFL04701-*
BAC1522-543-7800 ACIFL04725-*
BAC1522-577-7363 ACIFL04731-*
BAC1522-644-7923 ACIKS00115-*
BAC1522-668-7363 ACIKS00171-*
BAC1522-677 ACIKS00343-*
BAC1522-678-7800 ACIKS00349-*
BAC1522-686-870 ACIKS00355-*
BAC1522-687-706 ACIKS00379-*
BAC1522-689-70198 ACIKS00571-*
BAC1522-706-556 ACIKS00641-*
BAC1522-706-714 ACIKS00643-*
BAC1522-750-50438 ACIKS00849-*
BAC1522-750-7800 ACIKS02089-*
ACICC00509-* ACIKS02091-*
ACICC00539-* ACIKS02985-*
ACICC04735-* ACIKS02987-*
ACICM03007-* ACIKS03001-*
ACIEL00123-* ACIKS03883-*
ACIEL00153-* ACIKS04317-*
ACIEL00545-* ACIKS04449-*
ACIEL00579-* ACIKS04485-*
ACIEL00587-* ACIKS04727-*
ACIEL00595-* ACIKS04729-*
ACIFL00105-* ACIKS04733-*
ACIFL00107-* ACIKS04759-*
ACIFL00109-* ACIKS04923-*
ACIFL00117-* ACIKS04927-*
ACIFL00119-* ACIKS04939-*
ACIFL00121-* ACISE04703-*


Safety Wire

Alloy Specifications
305 AMS5685
600 AMS 5687, QQW390, NASM20995N, MS20995N
302/304 NASM20995C, MS20995, QQW423, ASTMA580
400 MS20-5NC, QQN281
316 NASM20995NC, ASTMA580
Note: Available on spools of 1, 5, 10 or 25lbs


Welding Rod

Alloy Specifications
6AL-4V AMS4954
4043 AWS A5.10
347 AWS A5.9
Note: Flag tagged on both ends


Wire Rope/Aircraft Cable

Boeing BMS7-265


Laminated Shim Stock

AMS DTL-22499 (MIL-S-22499C)
AMS 4013
BMS 7-355
BAC 1534
LS 5909