Other Extrusions and Roll Forms

A Global Leader in the Supply of Quality Extrusions and Roll Forms. Regardless of what type of extrusion or roll form you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our extensive collection of extrusions and roll forms from manufacturers such as Bombardier, ATR, Lockheed, international manufacturers and others. Browse our vast selection of extrusions and roll forms here or get in touch with a Future Metals professional for a personalized quote on your next extrusion or roll form order.

Note: A variety of alloys and tempers are available, not all parts shown are available from stock. Please contact us to check availability.

Bombardier Extrusions

B0501011 B0501112 B0501192 B0507004 B0520039
B0501017 B0501124 B0501198 B0510002 B0521001
B0501020 B0501126 B0501204 B0510014 B0521002
B0501029 B0501129 B0501207 B0510021 B0521005
B0501033 B0501130 B0501209 B0510041 B0530001
B0501039 B0501133 B0501210 B0510047 B0530002
B0501050 B0501138 B0501211 B0510048 B0530003
B0501054 B0501141 B0501215 B0510052 B0530005
B0501059 B0501142 B0501216 B0510056 B0530006
B0501066 B0501143 B0501217 B0510057 B0530020
B0501068 B0501146 B0501219 B0510059 B0530021
B0501069 B0501152 B0501225 B0510060 B0530022
B0501071 B0501154 B0501228 B0510064 B0530023
B0501075 B0501158 B0501230 B0510070 B0530037
B0501078 B0501163 B0501232 B0510073 B0530040
B0501080 B0501164 B0501233 B0510074 B0530045
B0501088 B0501169 B0501234 B0510078 B0530048
B0501089 B0501170 B0501236 B0510085 B0531017
B0501092 B0501172 B0501237 B0511032 B0553005
B0501094 B0501176 B0501239 B0520004 B0560002
B0501096 B0501179 B0501241 B0520007 B0560006
B0501100 B0501182 B0501245 B0520009
B0501104 B0501185 B0502022 B0520019
B0501105 B0501186 B0507002 B0520032
B0501108 B0501188 B0507003 B0520038



NTA44160 NTA44672
NTA44164 NTA44747-531
NTA44179 NTA44768
NTA44182 NTA44768-1
NTA44182-2 NTA44770
NTA44199 NTA44771
NTA44381 NTA44784
NTA44382 NTA44799
NTA44384 NTA44854-2
NTA44388 NTA44861
NTA44395 NTA44862
NTA44450 NTA46355
NTA44454 NTA46356
NTA44477 NTA46357
NTA44553 NTA46358
NTA44603-062 NTA46362
NTA44603-071 NTA46368



LN 9087-010 LN 9498-100 LN 9497-125X80X12
LN 9087-030 LN 9498-110 LN 9497-20X16X1.6
LN 9087-040 LN 9498-130 LN 9497-20X20X2
LN 9087-060 LN 9498-140 LN 9497-20X32X1.6
LN 9087-070 LN 9498-150 LN 9497-20X32X2
LN 9087-080 LN 9498-180 LN 9497-20X40X1.6
LN 9087-110 LN 9498-190 LN 9497-20X40X2
LN 9087-120 LN 9498-210 LN 9497-20X50X1.6
LN 9087-130 LN 9498-220 LN 9497-20X50X2
LN 9087-150 LN 9498-230 LN 9497-25X20X2
LN 9414-8 LN 1771-35X35X3 LN 9497-25X25X1.6
LN 9414-9 LN 9087-16X16X1.2 LN 9497-25X25X2
LN 9496-010 LN 9087-20X16X1.2 LN 9497-25X32X1.6
LN 9496-020 LN 9087-20X16X1.6 LN 9497-25X32X2
LN 9496-030 LN 9087-25X20X2 LN 9497-25X40X1.6
LN 9496-040 LN 9087-32X20X2 LN 9497-25X40X2
LN 9496-050 LN 9087-32X25X2.5 LN 9497-25X40X2.5
LN 9496-060 LN 9087-40X25X3.2 LN 9497-25X45X2.5
LN 9496-070 LN 9087-50X32X3 LN 9497-25X50X1.6
LN 9496-080 LN 9087-50X32X3.2 LN 9497-25X50X2
LN 9496-090 LN 9087-63X40X4 LN 9497-25X50X2.5
LN 9496-100 LN 9410-50X.5X3.5 LN 9497-25X63X2
LN 9496-110 LN 9410-90X.5X6 LN 9497-25X63X2.5
LN 9496-120 LN 9411-20X20X1.2 LN 9497-25X80X2
LN 9496-130 LN 9414-25X20X.8 LN 9497-25X80X2.5
LN 9496-140 LN 9414-25X20X1 LN 9497-26X50X2
LN 9496-150 LN 9496-100X100X8 LN 9497-30X45X1.6
LN 9496-160 LN 9496-100X80X10 LN 9497-30X50X3
LN 9496-170 LN 9496-100X80X6.3 LN 9497-32X20X1.2
LN 9496-180 LN 9496-16X16X1.2 LN 9497-32X20X1.6
LN 9496-190 LN 9496-16X16X1.6 LN 9497-32X40X2
LN 9496-200 LN 9496-16X16X2 LN 9497-32X40X2.5
LN 9496-210 LN 9496-20X12X2 LN 9497-32X50X2
LN 9496-220 LN 9496-20X16X1.2 LN 9497-32X50X2.5
LN 9496-230 LN 9496-20X16X1.6 LN 9497-32X50X3.2
LN 9496-240 LN 9496-20X16X2 LN 9497-32X63X2
LN 9496-250 LN 9496-20X20X1.2 LN 9497-32X63X2.5
LN 9496-260 LN 9496-20X20X1.5 LN 9497-32X80X2
LN 9496-270 LN 9496-20X20X1.6 LN 9497-32X80X2.5
LN 9496-280 LN 9496-20X20X2 LN 9497-40X25X1.5
LN 9496-290 LN 9496-20X20X2.5 LN 9497-40X25X2.5
LN 9496-300 LN 9496-20X20X3 LN 9497-40X25X3
LN 9496-310 LN 9496-25X16X1.6 LN 9497-40X40X2
LN 9496-320 LN 9496-25X16X2 LN 9497-40X40X2.5
LN 9496-330 LN 9496-25X16X2.5 LN 9497-40X40X3
LN 9496-340 LN 9496-25X20X1.2 LN 9497-40X40X3.2
LN 9496-350 LN 9496-25X20X1.6 LN 9497-40X40X4
LN 9496-360 LN 9496-25X20X2 LN 9497-40X50X2
LN 9496-370 LN 9496-25X20X2.5 LN 9497-40X50X2.5
LN 9496-380 LN 9496-25X25X1.6 LN 9497-40X50X3.2
LN 9496-390 LN 9496-25X25X2 LN 9497-40X50X4
LN 9496-400 LN 9496-25X25X2.2 LN 9497-40X53X2.5
LN 9496-410 LN 9496-25X25X2.5 LN 9497-40X63X2
LN 9496-420 LN 9496-25X25X3 LN 9497-40X63X2.5
LN 9496-430 LN 9496-25X25X3.2 LN 9497-40X63X3.2
LN 9496-440 LN 9496-25X25X4 LN 9497-40X63X4
LN 9496-450 LN 9496-30X20X1.6 LN 9497-40X80X2.5
LN 9496-460 LN 9496-30X20X2 LN 9497-40X80X3.2
LN 9496-470 LN 9496-30X20X3 LN 9497-40X80X4
LN 9496-480 LN 9496-30X25X2.5 LN 9497-45X45X3
LN 9496-490 LN 9496-30X30X3 LN 9497-50X20X6
LN 9496-500 LN 9496-32X20X1.6 LN 9497-50X30X3
LN 9496-510 LN 9496-32X20X2 LN 9497-50X50X2.5
LN 9496-520 LN 9496-32X20X2.5 LN 9497-50X50X3.2
LN 9496-530 LN 9496-32X20X3 LN 9497-50X50X4
LN 9496-540 LN 9496-32X20X3.2 LN 9497-50X63X3.2
LN 9496-550 LN 9496-32X25X1.6 LN 9497-50X63X4
LN 9496-560 LN 9496-32X25X1.8 LN 9497-50X63X5
LN 9496-570 LN 9496-32X25X2 LN 9497-50X80X2
LN 9496-580 LN 9496-32X25X2.5 LN 9497-50X80X3.2
LN 9496-590 LN 9496-32X25X3.2 LN 9497-50X80X4
LN 9496-600 LN 9496-32X32X2 LN 9497-50X80X5
LN 9496-610 LN 9496-32X32X2.5 LN 9497-50X90X2
LN 9496-620 LN 9496-32X32X3 LN 9497-60X75X3
LN 9496-630 LN 9496-32X32X3.2 LN 9497-63X25X2.5
LN 9496-640 LN 9496-32X32X4 LN 9497-63X80X5
LN 9496-650 LN 9496-35X25X4 LN 9497-63X80X6.3
LN 9496-670 LN 9496-35X35X4 LN 9497-80X125X10
LN 9496-680 LN 9496-36X25X3 LN 9497-80X125X12
LN 9496-720 LN 9496-40X20X2 LN 9497-80X25X2.5
LN 9496-730 LN 9496-40X20X2.5 LN 9498-100X30X8
LN 9496-740 LN 9496-40X20X3.2 LN 9498-100X31X8
LN 9496-750 LN 9496-40X25X2 LN 9498-100X50X5
LN 9496-770 LN 9496-40X25X2.5 LN 9498-125X63X6.3
LN 9496-780 LN 9496-40X25X3 LN 9498-20X20X1.5
LN 9496-800 LN 9496-40X25X3.2 LN 9498-25X16X1.6
LN 9497-010 LN 9496-40X25X4 LN 9498-30X30X3
LN 9497-020 LN 9496-40X32X2.5 LN 9498-32X16X1.6
LN 9497-030 LN 9496-40X32X3.2 LN 9498-32X16X2
LN 9497-040 LN 9496-40X32X4 LN 9498-32X20X1.6
LN 9497-050 LN 9496-40X40X2 LN 9498-32X20X2
LN 9497-060 LN 9496-40X40X2.5 LN 9498-40X20X2
LN 9497-070 LN 9496-40X40X3 LN 9498-40X20X2.5
LN 9497-090 LN 9496-40X40X3.2 LN 9498-40X25X2
LN 9497-100 LN 9496-40X40X3.5 LN 9498-40X25X2.5
LN 9497-110 LN 9496-40X40X4 LN 9498-40X25X3
LN 9497-120 LN 9496-45X30X2 LN 9498-45X45X4.5
LN 9497-130 LN 9496-45X35X2.5 LN 9498-50X25X2
LN 9497-140 LN 9496-50X25X2 LN 9498-50X25X2.5
LN 9497-150 LN 9496-50X25X2.5 LN 9498-50X25X3
LN 9497-160 LN 9496-50X25X3.2 LN 9498-50X25X3.2
LN 9497-170 LN 9496-50X25X4 LN 9498-50X30X4
LN 9497-180 LN 9496-50X25X5 LN 9498-50X32X3.2
LN 9497-190 LN 9496-50X30X3 LN 9498-50X32X4
LN 9497-200 LN 9496-50X30X4 LN 9498-60X30X3
LN 9497-210 LN 9496-50X32X2 LN 9498-63X32X3.2
LN 9497-220 LN 9496-50X32X2.5 LN 9498-80X40X5
LN 9497-230 LN 9496-50X32X2.8 LN 9498-80X50X5
LN 9497-240 LN 9496-50X32X3 LN 9498-90X40X12
LN 9497-250 LN 9496-50X32X3.2 LN 9498-90X45X4
LN 9497-260 LN 9496-50X32X4
LN 9497-270 LN 9496-50X40X10
LN 9497-280 LN 9496-50X40X3.2
LN 9497-290 LN 9496-50X40X4
LN 9497-300 LN 9496-50X50X2.5
LN 9497-310 LN 9496-50X50X3
LN 9497-320 LN 9496-50X50X3.2
LN 9497-330 LN 9496-50X50X4
LN 9497-340 LN 9496-50X50X5
LN 9497-350 LN 9496-60X32X3.2
LN 9497-360 LN 9496-60X40X6
LN 9497-370 LN 9496-60X60X8
LN 9497-380 LN 9496-63X32X3.2
LN 9497-390 LN 9496-63X32X4
LN 9497-400 LN 9496-63X32X5
LN 9497-410 LN 9496-63X40X4
LN 9497-420 LN 9496-63X40X5
LN 9497-430 LN 9496-63X50X4
LN 9497-440 LN 9496-63X50X5
LN 9497-450 LN 9496-63X50X6.3
LN 9497-460 LN 9496-63X63X4
LN 9497-470 LN 9496-63X63X5
LN 9497-480 LN 9496-63X63X6
LN 9497-490 LN 9496-790
LN 9498-010 LN 9496-80X40X4
LN 9498-020 LN 9496-80X40X5
LN 9498-030 LN 9496-80X50X3.2
LN 9498-040 LN 9496-80X63X5
LN 9498-050 LN 9496-80X63X6.3
LN 9498-060 LN 9496-80X63X8
LN 9498-070 LN 9496-80X80X5
LN 9498-080 LN 9496-80X80X8
LN 9498-090 LN 9497-100X100X8