Date Icon Sep 5, 2014 Category Icon in Case Study

Value added services for Tube requirements

Small and large diameter tubing for ducting and hydraulic applications in Nickel, Stainless and Alloy are needed in specific lengths to satisfy customer needs. Industry standard random lengths only hinder lean processes initiated by the customer to provide end users with faster and more economical solutions.

Future Metals understands the needs of these customers and the desire for eliminating unessential processes. A Customer came to Future Metals asking for help. Future Metals implemented a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program with the customer by offloading their entire inventory to Future Metals’ local facility where it was managed for the customer. The customers internal work orders are now processed by Future Metals which are communicated electronically. Then the work orders are processed by cutting tubes to specified length, deburring the ends then bundling the cut lengths and delivering them on rolling carts to the customers’ multiple production sites, daily.  This service has helped the customer reduce cost while increasing productivity.